Good Deed Bank for different people can mean different things, but on this blog we would like to consider it an invisible bank of good deeds. You could have been on either side of this bank – either been in need and received a helping hand from someone you know, maybe a total stranger or… or maybe you have been the “hero of the day” and selflessly helped someone you might not even met before.

And now we have gotten to the part, why this blog was created. We (about who “we” are you soon enough will be able to read at “About us” section) first of all want to create an open movement of “good deed doers” (it actually already exists – you just have to look around!) And secondly – create a place where people can say “thank you” for those small and tiny things (you thought those were tiny) many of you have done, but which meant the world  to those who were in need.

The format… As the beginning of this all was an idea of a total postcard freak, we have decided that your gratitude or thanks could be given in a form of a postcard. Let’s make it clear – if you can, do not hesitate to thank the people who have helped you when they have done so! Or if you know where they live, send the postcard directly to them… it might be a swell surprise! Here we are going to publish those postcards whose recipients you don’t know or might be just too shy to show it or say right away.

We strongly believe that there are no other words, which would have stronger power than “please” and “thank you”, but sometimes we just forget that, isn’t that right? That made us think about an another action we are going to start – sending out postcards to our friends, family, colleagues, class-mates, teachers and/or people we have met during our trips who have changed our lives, to people who have helped us, to people that have changed… us.

On these postcards we are going to say: “Thank you for … ” and continue with: “Because of it I have/I am …” (examples will be posted when we will start) and at the end going to put the address of this page as a statement that not only I, myself, recognise the good deed this person has done, but so have done so many other people. Ideally we would send up to 5 or 6 postcards and it would start a chain … but then again – why SHOULD we limit ourselves to 5 or 6? SEND AS MANY AS YOU WISH!

As one really smart and wise person once said (my mom!): “Good words do not cost a thing, so why not share them?”

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